Become a Tintage Affiliate

Earn 30% of the monthly commission of anyone who signs up to Tintage using your link.

Understanding the Tintage Affiliate Program

At Tintage, we're dedicated to helping you grow your business. Our Tintage Affiliate Program is part of our commitment to our customers and partners.

What is the Tintage Affiliate Program?

The Tintage Affiliate Program is a way for you to generate revenue by leveraging our tools and services. By becoming an affiliate of Tintage, you earn a commission for each customers who you refer to us.

Who can participate?

Our affiliate program is open to almost anyone who is interested in making money online and promoting our products! We work with many influencers, websites and digital marketers who have a following and want to help us reach more customers. To get started, all you have to do is sign up for our program and join our network.

What are the Benefits?

When you become an affiliate of Tintage, you will receive a commission rate on the products you promote. This commission rate is based on the products and the amount of sales you do for us.

How to Get Started?

To learn more about our affiliate program visit here.

The Tintage Affiliate programme has been temporarily paused.

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